Private one on one training:

You will work with your trainer one on one. With your own custom designed routine. Your trainer will be able to access your skill level and fitness level changes.

Small group/Semi Private: 

These groups have a minim of three people and a maximum of six people.

You get the same as the private training with the exception that the group routines are custom built to the group. With this training you have the benefit of the group comradery and a lower cost.

Large Groups: 

These are reserved for athletic teams or for company/corporate team building. Awe heck, if you’ve got ten people that want to have a blast and train in the best gym in the area your in!

Satellite Client/On Line Training

​To get started give us a call: 208-841-4615!

​Performance inc. offers a variety of training to fit everyones comfort level, fitness level, and budget

Performance inc. 208-841-4615


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